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Bali villa wedding - Why you should get married in a villa?

Now you have decided about getting married in Bali, you’ve got some major decisions to make. For so many reasons, Bali is a wonderful place to get married. The Island is constantly voted as one of the World’s most beautiful wedding destinations along with being a world famous holiday destination. But there is one big question that you need to answer!

Where do you plan to celebrate your wedding?

Hotel Wedding or Bali Villa Wedding?

Should you invite everybody to a large Hotel or maybe a Resort? Or should you go with a Bali Villa Wedding?Well, there are pro’s and con’s to both options although if you can afford a villa wedding then you will find the pro’s far out way any con’s.So what advantages come from celebrating your wedding in a Villa?

First of all, it’s private!

Marrying in a villa gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want with whoever you want, and nobody is going to distract you! If you get married in a big Hotel or Resort, there are always other people walking by, watching your ceremony, maybe sneaking in to celebrate with you or have a bite off your buffet? Besides that, you’ll have to share the facilities with all the other guests of the Hotel. You probably want a nicer ambiance on your wedding day.

If you marry in a Villa, the only people who are present for your ceremony and after party will be you, your guests and your staff. You’ll be ensured total privacy throughout the whole evening. Especially during your first dance and the speeches, which are always really personal and intended to be heard or seen by invited guests only, you might appreciate this convenience.


With a Villa wedding you can choose all of your suppliers, such as the catering and entertainment. This flexibility means it is much easier to create the perfect wedding, rather than being forced to use suppliers that don’t suit your needs.


There are a lot of stunning locations to get married in Bali. We have an extensive list of beautiful cliff top villas, beach front villas or even garden villas that will make your wedding seem like a dream, and also help with some stunning wedding photos.

bali wedding planner, bali wedding organizer, bali exclusive wedding

Time to decide about your wedding in Bali!

With a villa wedding you are able to enjoy a luxurious ceremony without breaking the bank! You will have a private and relaxed ceremony while your guests benefit from the freedom of choice when it comes to accommodation, food, entertainment and all the other personal items you want for your wedding.

If you need some help in choosing that perfect villa for your wedding in Bali then let us know.

Perhaps you have been married in Bali recently and can share with us some great locations to get married?