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How to Ask Your Girlfriend's Parents - Part 2

Dating is easy. But, when both of you feel that deeper emotion that you and your girlfriend want to live happily ever after in a marriage, then yes, one respectful way of tradition that you can do for your girlfriend is asking her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

What to Bring into that Conversation

While last week we have talked about the early approaches to getting know about your girlfriend’s father, today, we will guide you to through the one-on-one conversation with her father so you would be prepared.

  1. Begin the Conversation by Expressing the Feelings You Have for His Daughter

It makes more sense starting the talk by letting the man know how you feel about his daughter. You may want to express to him just how much you love and adore your girlfriend, and let him know just how much she means to you. Mention specific qualities in her that made you fall in love with her. He will be pleased to know just how well he has raised his little girl.

  1. Now Cut to the Chase and Tell him of Your Desire to Marry Her

Explain to the father that what you really want is to make his daughter your wife. Show him that you fully understand what you are getting into, and that you know how serious of a commitment this is. Assure him that all you want is to spend the rest of your life with her, and that you would do everything to make sure that she is happy.

  1. Promise that You Will Love and Take Care of Her till Death Says otherwise

Remember that this man has been with your girlfriend her whole life and he has seen her grow from diapers to dresses. He needs to know and trust that he is handing over his little girl to a person who will love and take care of her just as he has done. Declare a commitment that you will always respect, honor and cherish his daughter because you love her that much.

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  1. Finally Ask for His Blessings in a Respectful Way

In some sort of a closing, just ask him with sincerity for his blessings and for his support for your marriage even as he hands over his daughter’s hand to you. Make it clear to him that this is of great importance to you.

You Can Do the Same With Her Mother

There you have it, follow that and before you know it, the love of your life will be your wife to be. If by any chance your girlfriend’s father has passed on, wasn’t there when she was growing up or is simply some jerk that your girlfriend avoids, you can ask her mother.