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Wedding decoration tips

All you groomsmen out there may not like this but we all know that the focal point of any wedding is the bride! That’s right, everyone wants to see how beautiful she looks in her dress, how is her hair and makeup, what is her bouquet like?

A great way to enhance the impact of the bride at the wedding is to look at how you decorate your wedding.

With the locations that we generally use at Bali Exclusive Wedding the need for intense decorations is not there as the venues tend to be beautiful and exotic locations; beach front villas and cliff top villas with beautiful views are normal for us. But it doesn’t hurt to choose some beautiful accessories to enhance the most important day of your life.

Here are a few tips and guidelines for decorating your wedding venue:

  1. Choose the perfect location!

Before you start decorating, you have to make sure to initiate your ceremony in the right setting. If the surroundings are gorgeous anyways, it takes away most of the decoration stress. Consider a nice location by the beach, or on top of a cliff. We have some stunning wedding venues in Bali that create a beautiful and memorable occasion for any wedding.

  1. Spread some flower power.

Flowers and colorful plants are wedding classics – for good reasons! They smell good, are available in various shapes and colors, fit into all kinds of budgets and look pretty on tables, in vases, on the floor, on the walls or even on the ceilings. Make sure to match the colors and don’t overdo the natural decorations – Some of your guests might me allergic to some kinds of plants.

bali wedding planner, bali wedding organizer, bali exclusive wedding
  1. Lighting sets the mood.

Some twinkling illumination or candlelight will add an instant charm to your nighttime or sunset wedding. During daytime and sunshine hours, you may consider a different strategy. Your wedding planner and villa manager will be able to help you bring out the best of your location.

  1. Consider the tables.

Wedding tables can cause a lot of stress. When it comes to decorating your wedding tables try to be creative with colors and shapes. You don’t have to be like everyone else and go for the same standard configurations. Perhaps you can forgo the traditional seating and opt for several food tables scattered amongst seating.

  1. Where is the bride and groom?

Having the odd sign or two can be very helpful and add an extra dimension to your wedding. It doesn’t hurt to show people the way to the reception or ceremony. They can also add as a nice decorative memento for that special day.

Of course there are many aspects to decorating your wedding but these vary depending on the type of location you have. The best way to handle these sorts of things is to meet with your wedding planner and discuss your likes and dislikes. They can then help you to get the most from your big day.

A wedding in Bali should be an event to remember and those wedding decorations will make the day just a little bit better! If you need any help then just get in touch with us.