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5 Simple steps of doing a Bali wedding

Getting married in Bali is the dream of most lovers. Both for Indonesians and foreigners. If you are ready to continue your relationship to the marriage level, here are brief steps that you can do to get married in Bali:

  1. Looking for a wedding planner. Currently the most popular search engine is Instagram and Google. Checkout on their bali wedding planner website, especially testimonials and the photo gallery. For the prices generally it relative to many factors.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the wedding planner. Online or meet in person. Please prepared some info regarding the number of guests, wedding themes, catering types, entertainment types. Bali wedding planner will offer wedding locations & vendor selection.
  3. Conduct site inspection to the venue with the wedding planner. Together visit the venue. It might need more than one day depends on the availability of the venue.
  4. Meeting with vendors (Photo, video, florist / decorator). You can discuss if there’s any specific request here.
  5. Finalize the wedding proposal. It’s time to make your wedding dream come true.

Considering that the time needed to do all that is quite a lot, so it’s best to have a wedding planned for a year or 6 months before the wedding day. As a bride you don’t need to think about many things because the assignment has been delegated to your wedding planner.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your dream of getting married in Bali come true.