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Our Bali Wedding Packages

We all know that Bali is a great place to have a wedding and so being free and creative is a real bonus. A fix wedding package can sometimes be hard for you to express yourself.

We give our clients the freedom to choose a wedding location, decoration according to the preferred theme, catering or type of food & drink, documentation (photo & video) and any entertainment for the day.

Please note that the total cost required may vary depending on the following things, we start with the most expensive ones possible:


Location. Basically here we divide the location into 3. Clifftop villas, beach front villas and garden villas. The Clifftop villa has the highest rental price among the three villas, then the beach front villa is below it and is followed by a garden villa. We strongly advise you to book the villa between 6 months – 1 year before the event.


Decoration. Usually the cost of decoration for a luxurious wedding is equal to or more expensive than the rental price of the villa itself. It all depends on the theme, how much and how difficult the decoration materials are obtained considering the flowers are not available in every season.


Catering. There are many catering companies in Bali that serve wedding. Their prices also vary, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. What you should know is that sometimes prices determine the taste and service on the day.


Bar. We rarely find a wedding without using bar services. In this case the bar serves beer or alcoholic drinks. So almost all the wedding we do will definitely need a bar package. There are several wedding bars in Bali today and their prices are very competitive.


Photos & Videos. There are lots of photo & video agents in Bali today. Their prices are very competitive. If you want to capture the beautiful moments of your life, we strongly recommend choosing these photos & videos based on their portfolio and then the prices offered.


Lighting & Entertainment. The most popular wedding entertainment, of course, DJ. Besides that, there are bands or acoustics, fire dance, LED water drums, magic show, Balinese dancers & fireworks (terms & conditions may apply)

We make packages according to your needs. All of that depends on some of the things we have mentioned above and of course how big the event you want to have. If you want more information, please contact our wedding team. Hopefully we can make your dream wedding come true.