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7 Helpful Tips to be on Time for Your Wedding

When you put a lot of effort and time planning your wedding, it is only proper that you be on time on your special day. Being late is not only stressful for the bride, groom and guests, but can also ruin the mood of the day. Setting out on time is not just about routine punctuality, though it gives everyone peace of mind.

You are also guaranteed of a happy bride. Unfortunately, many brides have been unable to get to their wedding ceremony on time. For this reason, we have put together some handy tips to help you be on time for your wedding:

Tips to be On Time

  1. Avoid last minute projects

It is tempting to think that some tasks are best done a day before the wedding day or on the morning of your wedding day. The truth is that, while it may seem the best move, you do not want to run around with projects on your wedding day.

To avoid this, ensure that all projects are completed a week to your wedding. This will leave you with enough time for rehearsal and packing for honeymoon.

  1. Schedule your bridesmaids makeup and hair at different times and location

Scheduling everyone’s makeup and hair at the same location and time is one of the reasons brides get late for their wedding.

The best way to deal with this is by getting the wedding party’s makeup and hair done by a team of professionals dedicated for your crew. This can be at a place of your choice like a salon, hotel or resort.

  1. Have your hair done earlier

You do well to have your appointment with your hair stylist a little earlier as you just never know how the day will pan out.

  1. Always have an alternative wherever possible

Having a backup plan ensures that the program of the day runs smoothly even when the dedicated service providers or plan does not pan out as expected. Some of the key areas that need an alternative or standby include the car, hairstylist, garment steamer and someone that can help handle any issues that may come up.

  1. Have an itinerary for the day

Having a clear outline of the day’s activities helps ensure that everyone is on schedule. Besides, in some cases, it may be earlier than anticipated, thereby allowing extra time to prepare and travel. You can delegate someone that is constantly punctual and can speak up to take charge of the schedule.

  1. Set an alarm

Waking up early on your wedding day helps you stay on schedule without feeling under pressure. Therefore, consider setting an alarm or two so that you are up in good time.

  1. Pack for your honeymoon early

It is advisable to gather all the things you will need and pack your bags at least one week before the wedding day. Include your makeup kit as well as what you will wear as you get ready. Have a checklist so that you do not forget some items.


Don’t Be Late on Your Wedding!

The secret to being on time for your wedding is in ensuring that you stay ahead of your schedule. This is achievable when you take care of all the other issues in good time and have a backup plan where necessary.

If you have some experiences or other tips regarding punctuality on wedding ceremony, please let us know.