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Behind the scene of a wedding planning

Many people do not know how the process of a wedding starts until it is last carried out. In the following we will describe what happens before and on the wedding day.

If this is a legal marriage in Indonesia usually 7-14 days before the wedding day, the bridal couple will come to Bali (Indonesia). Then pay a visit to the consulate according to their nationality (for example: Australia, America, United KIngdom etc.) to get a CNI (Certificate of No Impediment) which is one of the requirements for legal marriage in Indonesia. Before making a visit to the consulate, the bride and groom are required to make an agreement in advance to get a schedule for arrival at the consulate. If it’s only commitment weddings and receptions, a visit to the consulate is not necessary.

Next the wedding planner will have a meeting with the bride and groom to discuss wedding details further. Usually what is discussed here relates to decorations, wedding processions and other matters. To expedite the wedding procession we will arrange a schedule to do a wedding rehearsal, which is usually done shortly after the bride and groom check in at the villa or in accordance with the schedule determined by the bride and groom.

The next preparation is to do set up at the villa. This usually starts the day before the wedding day (depending on the level of complexity of the construction and decoration). On the wedding day vendors start coming in at 9 am and start working. Photographers and videographers usually arrive at 2 pm (depending on the package chosen). Photo shoot usually starts from when the bride doing make up and then followed by a bridal photo shoot.

bali wedding planner, bali wedding organizer, bali exclusive wedding

Guests start arriving at 4 pm and enjoy a welcome drink and chill around the villa (wedding venue). The ceremony starts at 4:30 and lasts approximately until 5 pm. The next event is cocktail time. Guests are offered a cocktail and several varieties of canapé. It is usually interspersed with photo shoot (couple photo shoot, bridal party photo shoot, group photo shoot).

Dinner usually starts between 6.30 pm or 7 pm. Starting with a grand entrance for the bridal party. A common dinner choice is buffet style or set menu. During the dinner usually will be interspersed with speeches from several people. The next event is the cake cutting then continued with the first dance and ended with a party. If the bride wants to do a bouquet toss, this is where it should be done.