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Choosing a Wedding Planner in Bali

Over the last ten years, Bali has seen a huge increase in its popularity as a wedding destination. Thousands of couples from across the world are choosing Bali as the perfect holiday paradise for their wedding ceremonies. As a result, dozens of new wedding planning businesses have cropped up, complicating the matter of choosing a competent, professional wedding organizer.

Here are a few key things to consider when choosing your Bali wedding planner:

  1. Communication is everything.

Communicating clearly with your chosen wedding planner is the first step in pulling off your dream wedding. Many couples have given intense thought to their special day and have very specific needs. Bali Exclusive Weddings features native language staff for both English and Bahasa Indonesia, ensuring each couple’s requests are understood fully and then that those needs are met with precision.

  1. Accountability and accessibility.

On what will be one of the most important days of a couple’s life, having a dependable, experienced wedding planner on hand can be a godsend. Even the most laid back of couples commonly experience a little heightened stress on their wedding day. You will build a relationship with your wedding planner in the months leading up to your ceremony. As you consider which wedding organizer to use, start thinking about email response times, ability to speak with him/her on the phone and other factors. All of these things are not only indications about the professionalism of their wedding planning services, but also an indication of how relaxed they will make you feel on your wedding day, knowing you have chosen someone you can trust.

  1. Range of experience.

Developing the knowledge and skills to produce your dream wedding is something that not only takes time to accomplish, but also a wide variety of experiences as a wedding organizer. For example, having worked in a resort for ten years producing the same wedding many times does not help one develop the skills to pull of a truly custom-tailored wedding. You should double-check that your wedding organizer has the experience necessary to help you put your own plan into action.

  1. Site familiarity.

Finally, you will also want to ensure that your chosen wedding planner has experience producing quality weddings here in Bali. It takes years to develop the network of professional, location-specific relationships that are needed to pull off a truly great wedding. Whether you prefer a Bali villa wedding, a beachfront wedding, or the cliff top ceremony of a lifetime, be sure to choose a wedding organizer that has the experience in your specific type of setting.

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