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Get started with a consultation

The first and probably most important step in the process is our initial consultation.

I  like to get started by giving you a call or having a Skype chat so that we can go through the details of the wedding.  It is important to have an idea of what you are looking for so that we can understand how you would like the wedding to work.  There are so many possibilities that it is vital for us to get a grasp of what you are looking for.  We normally recommend that you go through this thought process yourselves before we get in touch so you have an idea of what you want however we also have many nice ideas that you may not have thought of already.

If you like what we have to say the next step is to then get you to come over to Bali and meet me and the team so that we can actually show you many of the items we need for the wedding.  You will need to have a look at the beautiful villa locations that we have to offer, you will want to look at and taste the menu; there are many things that you will need to look at and give us the okay.

Our goal is to make your wedding in Bali the most special occasion ever and by spending a little more time with the details it will ensure the day goes off without a hitch.

Once we know that you are happy with the wedding planning it will allow me and my team to get things organized.  Our goal is to make your day as easy as possible, whilst being the most memorable day of your life.

You will not need to worry about anything on your wedding day aside from looking your best.