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6 Reasons why choose Bali Villa Wedding

Some people might like to hold their wedding in a luxury hotel or some outdoor space. Why not a private villa? these are the reason why you should choose private villa wedding. Let’s check them out.

6 Reasons why choose Private Villa Wedding:

More Privacy. It is the most common reason for couples having their wedding in a private place such as a private villa. We want no strangers to disturb our wedding ceremony and dinner.

More Intimate. Since there’s no strangers on the wedding day, we can feel more relaxed and we can feel the intimate between our family and friends. We have had wedding with less guest or a lot of guests but we still can feel the intimate moment.

More space. Well, it depends on the venue that you choose. Some villa has a huge lawn, some just have separate areas that you can use for your wedding event. Not all activities should be in one place. It is better to have a different space for a different event or occasion.

Customize Wedding Decoration. You can have your own ideas for your wedding decoration. When you visit the villa during your inspection, some decoration ideas might come out just like that. You also can find more ideas on instagram or pinterest. A lot of options you can do when you have your wedding in a private villa.

Curfew Time. Yes, it is an important thing for some people. When you have your wedding in a hotel, you might hassle with the curfew time. Most hotels in Bali have curfew time until 10 p.m.  It is best for local wedding, but not for international wedding. In a private villa you can have loud music until 11 p.m. and in some remote areas they might have curfew time until 12 midnight (Terms & Condition apply).

Best for Photo & Video. Having your wedding in a private villa gives photographers and videographers more ideas. They can explore many places, many angles so they can try to make the best photo and video for you. You will not get bored when one day you sit down, relax while looking at your wedding photos and video.

Surf the web, check on social media, find ideas here and there, and when you are ready, let’s start planning your wedding. Don’t forget to check our wedding gallery to find more ideas about wedding in Bali.